The Oberglas GmbH company with its headquarters in Vienna is part of the STÖLZLE-GLASGRUPPE group, and specializes in the production of aesthetic and functional tableware using IS technology. Oberglas is one of the most competent suppliers of beer steins, water and wine carafes, drinking glasses, and shot glasses to the industrial, hotel and catering sectors. Our selection of products ranges from traditional designs to elegant and modern product ideas.

The Oberglas tableware product line is manufactured in the Stölzle-Glasgruppe state-of-the-art glassworks in Poland. The production sites are located in Poland: in Częstochowa, Silesia, and in Wymiarki, Lower Silesia. Wymiarki is close to the German border and not far from our crystal factory in Weißwasser, with which we cooperate closely to benefit from synergystic effects – especially in the areas of packaging and decoration. All our production sites look back on several centuries of glassmaking tradition. Especially Wymiarki, where glass has been manufactured continuously ever since the 17th century. We constantly invest in the available manufacturing technologies and our employees receive continual training in all areas. All of our actions have resulted in our achieving the required production standards and certificates.

Besides glass bottles for Stölzle-Oberglas, more than 1,000 employees also produce Oberglas GmbH’s tableware products. The main raw materials for manufacturing glass are silica sand (60%, mined in Poland), soda (20%), lime (10%) and other special minerals. Oberglas GmbH’s products range from water carafes and wine jugs to well-known, traditional types of beer steins. These are produced using the IS method, whereby the liquid glass is guided into a ring mold and then blown. A neckring-arm grasps the partly blown vessel by the so-called finish, and carries it in a 180° arc to the open final mold. Here, the product is heated again and given the final blow to create the desired final shape. The glass is then cooled to prevent reheating and to give the final product the necessary stability.


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