Duralex Gigogne Temp Glass Stackable Bowl 9cm/125ml


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Bowl dimension: 9.0 x 3.7 (cm)
Bowl capacity: 125ml

Material: Tempered Glass
Origin: France

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Since 1945, Duralex® has been a pioneer in tempered glass technology, a process in which we are the industry leader. Our factory in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin was the first in the world to produce tempered glass tableware. Through constant investment and commitment to quality, Duralex® has achieved a level of excellence that drives the brand’s success around the world. Our company is indisputably recognised as the leader in tempered glass.

What makes Duralex® glass so strong is the tempering process. It consists of rapid ventilation cooling of the entire glass product, which has been previously heated to a temperature of approximately 700°C. This treatment creates controlled stresses in the glass that improve most of its physical qualities: resistance to mechanical stress and thermal shock (sudden temperature change). This makes Duralex® glass at least 2.5 times more resistant to mechanical stress than an annealed (standard) glass product. It is resistant to thermal shock of at least 130°C.


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