Rubis Crystal Champagne Taster Glass by Lehmann 100ml – set of 6


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Height: 18.2cm
Dia.: 5.1cm
Capacity: 100ml
What’s in box: x 6 Lehmann Rubis Crystal Champagne Taster Glasses


The Lehmann Glass oenological brand has been created based on passion and a love for wine. Isn’t it fascinating to hear a sommelier describe the aromas revealed by a wine? In order to find the right word to describe each olfactory sensation in a wine tasting, you have to understand the history of wine and the secrets of wine tasting. To discover and appreciate the wine aroma, it is necessary to have the right glass. At Lehmann Glass, they created and designed a number of collections that meet the oenological requirements of the general public and offer machine and hand-blown glasses.


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