As a company Stölzle Lausitz can be compared to a strong tree: its roots go deep in history. Since the Middle Ages the Lausitz region has been a center of glass making art. The experiences of entire generations gave and give Stölzle the strength to weather the test of time. The well trained workforce and diverse range of products give the business its competitive edge. And on a daily basis the new sprouts of our design and product ideas reach out into the future.

Professional Quality lasts longer
Catering, hotels, vintners and the beverage industry were major drivers of growth. However, wine connoisseurs and friends of fine dining also learned to appreciate the professional quality of the Stölzle glasses. They are dishwasher safe and a Stölzle glass will rarely break. The especially pure sand from Lausitz gives it a special brilliance. Whit its high quality standards Stölzle clearly distinguishes itself from discount providers.

Internationally appreciated
Stölzle Lausitz delivers worldwide. Caterers and hotel owners from Abu Dhabi to Zurich know that glasses from Stölzle deliver both on price and quality . As one of Germany’s biggest producer of stemware Stölzle can operate with the perspective of a market leader: reliably, flexibly and expediently. This is ensured not least by the large warehouse in Weißwasser.


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