Crane Crystal All Spirits Taster 240ml – set of 6


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Crafted with precision for the refined palates of spirits connoisseurs, this crystal glass stands as a testament to meticulous artistry. Engineered to elevate the tasting journey, its design incorporates a broader base and an inner tapered rim, enhancing the diffusion of intricate aromas. The thoughtfully tapered mouth ensures a masterful delivery of these enchanting scents to the drinker’s nose and palate. Fashioned from premium ultra-clear blown lead-free crystal, the glass exudes a minimalist allure, free from engravings or patterns, allowing for unparalleled clarity and an effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic.

Glass capacity: 240ml

Inner box: 6 glasses

Material: Lead-free crystalline
Origin: Bohemian glass

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Crane Crystal is a symbol of the highest quality Made in Bohemia crystal glass. The brand combines the rich tradition of Czech glassmaking with modern design, creating elegant and functional products. Crane Crystal responds to current design trends and innovations, which is reflected in every product, thus bringing the past and the modern world together.

Each piece is created by the skilled hands of experienced glassmakers, which not only ensures high quality but also gives each product a unique character.

The Crane Crystal range includes a wide variety of products, from crystal glasses to decanters. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or want to add an exclusive element to your home, Crane Crystal has something for every taste and occasion.

Crane Crystal’s uncompromising dedication to quality has earned it recognition and awards around the world. Its products grace homes and prestigious events, becoming a fixture in wineries, luxury hotels and restaurants.

Crane Crystal is synonymous with the finest quality crystal glassware that not only adorns but also enhances the uniqueness of every beverage served in this exclusive brand.


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