Duralex Jazz Temp Glass Highball 170ml – set of 6


Equip yourself with a tasty and colorful cocktail that will enlighten your mood and bring on positive vibes only. The Jazz glass is perfect for the occasion, as its lines reflect the colors of your drinks, and its design was especially conceptualized for trendy and sugary cocktails. In fact, thanks to its esthetic and elegant allure, the Jazz glass has a phenomenal success in each summery and lively event.

Fruity, sweet cocktails served in the Jazz glass will warm you up and quench your thirst. Brandish your rose-colored glasses and let’s all have a toast to beautiful memories of funny “guinguettes”, when nights turned into mornings, with friends that turned into family!

Glass dimension: 6.1 x 11.70 (cm)
Glass capacity: 170ml

Inner box:
Qty: 6 glasses

Outer carton:

Material: Tempered Glass
Origin: France

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Since 1945, Duralex® has been a pioneer in tempered glass technology, a process in which we are the industry leader. Our factory in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin was the first in the world to produce tempered glass tableware. Through constant investment and commitment to quality, Duralex® has achieved a level of excellence that drives the brand’s success around the world. Our company is indisputably recognised as the leader in tempered glass.

What makes Duralex® glass so strong is the tempering process. It consists of rapid ventilation cooling of the entire glass product, which has been previously heated to a temperature of approximately 700°C. This treatment creates controlled stresses in the glass that improve most of its physical qualities: resistance to mechanical stress and thermal shock (sudden temperature change). This makes Duralex® glass at least 2.5 times more resistant to mechanical stress than an annealed (standard) glass product. It is resistant to thermal shock of at least 130°C.


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