Lehmann Oenomust Crystal Tumbler Glass 500ml - set of 6


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Height: 11.0cm
Dia.: 9.6cm
Capacity: 500ml
What’s in box: x 6 Lehmann Oenomust Crystal Tumbler Glasses

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When originality meets oenology, a collection of unique glasses is born – OENOMUST. Tradition, Modernity & Expertise! The perfect shape of this glass touches upon all aspects of wine tasting, and fulfills the expectations of wine lovers. When the wine is poured, the Oenomust proves excellents: To the eye, the wine perfectly reveals its colour. The generous shape Gerard LEHMANN designed allows rotation and easy controlled oxygenation of the wine, without splashing out of the glass. To the nose, the Oenomust’s upper rounded section, which narrows as it reaches the lip, concentrates and increasees the density of the flavours to contribute exceptional richess. In the mouth, the fineness of the rim brings out all the wine’s flavours. The Oenomust is quite simply a genuine flavour enhancer.

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Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 30.3 × 20.2 × 11.7 cm


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