Uni Brandy Crystal Glass 660ml – set of 6


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Elevate your whiskey and spirits experience with these exquisite glasses. Their superior qualities, highlighted by a fine, cold-cut rim, are designed to enhance the nuances of exceptional spirits from around the world. The distinctive balloon shape, coupled with a short stem, boasts a wide bottom and a relatively narrow top, ensuring a perfect vessel for savoring every sip.

Glass dimensions: 16.6 x 11.3 (cm)
Glass capacity: 660ml

Inner box: 6 glasses

Material: Lead-free crystalline
Origin: Slovakia

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RONA beverage glassware has all the prerequisites to fulfil unusual tasting expectations and experiences.
The RONA glassworks – a major manufacturer of drinking glass with a tradition of more than 125 years – ranks among the world’s top glassmakers thanks to its history, experience and technological innovations.
Thanks to their quality, brilliance and cutting-edge design, our hand- and machine-shaped products made of lead-free cristaline are sought-after not only for everyday use but also for special occasions. Thanks to the aesthetic and graphic packaging, it is also suitable as a gift.
The drawn foot and the characteristic timeless design, together with the quality and durability of our glass, are the main elements of the excellence of RONA products.


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